Leading with Professionalism and Pride

We are a small, veteran owned, specialty clothing and custom design business focusing on bulk screen printing sales to U.S. military units, organizations and events. Our artists are all military vets who completed degrees in graphic design after serving their country. We share this with you not because we want an advantage due to our background; rather, we share this with you because our background is an advantage that impacts every product we sell. Our business and design teams run like military units with high levels of professionalism, attention-to-detail, efficiency and pride in all that we do.

Awesome Bad Clothing works with unique, talented artists that design specialty clothing in Abilene, TX. We can ship our custom-designed shirts anywhere in the continental United States for free, so you can sport a unique look wherever you're located.

We sell shirts, hoodies, hats and accessories for both men and women. Browse our selection today and find a look that suits you.


Justin was born in East Louisiana and left for the Army in 2004. After his first deployment he changed jobs and became a Deep Sea Diver. After his eight years of service he worked in Afghanistan as a contractor. Eventually, he decided to return to school and complete a BA in Computer Animation with a concentration in 3D Modeling. It led him to Dyess Air Force Base where he currently works as a Multimedia Specialist on the B-1 Bomber training program.


Josh was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. In 2008, he joined the U.S. Navy and served on the USS Mobile Bay for four years in California. He then transferred to the Navy Reserves for four years out of Florida. While their, he earned a BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Computer Animation. Currently, as well as being a freelance artist, Josh works as a Multimedia Specialist for the B-1 Bomber training program on Dyess Air Force Base. On the weekends, he moonlights as a professional wrestler!