Create Better Brand Awareness With Custom Digital Art

Our designers in Abilene, TX can create a unique look

Why Spend Money On Custom Clothing For Your Business, Organization Or Yourself If You Don't Like Wearing It?

Better Quality = Better Value

What's the point of advertising with custom clothing if clients or event attendees only wear the item once and then throw their shirt in the back of a closet? If the design, printing or shirt quality is poor why spend money on merchandise no one sees? Won't your fundraiser sell more if people want the shirts?

Stand out and be proud to make an impact all year by letting our in-house Digital Artists design clothing people will want to show off and wear. We can even expand the use of those designs with screen printing, embroidery and promotional product options.

What Makes Us Different?

We are a small, veteran owned, specialty clothing and custom design business focusing on bulk screen-printing sales to U.S. military units, organizations and events. In addition, all of our artists are all military vets.

We share this with you not because we want an advantage due to our background; rather, we share this with you because our background is an advantage that impacts every product we sell. Our business and design teams run like military units with high levels of professionalism, attention-to-detail, efficiency and pride in all that we do.

Be Proud Of How You Look - Stand Out With Professional Designs On High Quality Materials!

What's "High Quality" Clothing?

It depends on the number of singles used to make it.

Similar to high thread count bedsheets; generally the higher the thread count the softer the material, and the more likely it will even soften over time. Your typical store-bought t-shirt is made from 18 to 20 singles. Our preferred clothing brands start at 30 singles making them softer while still durable. It's truly something you have to feel for yourself to truly understand the difference in quality.

Have you ever sold clothing at events, maybe for a fundraiser? We've had customers touch our shirts and walk away only to come back to make a purchase telling us they couldn't stop thinking how soft and comfortable our clothing is. Sometimes people think I'll have clothing made as cheap as possible so I can make as much money as possible on every sale...but if the clothing is uncomfortable how many sales are missing? Are you proud to have your brand on those items and will people want to wear them?

Not only is our quality high, our prices are fair and competitive. Sell More. Wear with Pride and Confidence.

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